Bugaboo Cameleon Review

The Bugaboo Chameleon is a stylish and practical travel system designed to be flexible and scaleable.

bugaboo-cameleon-2This Bugaboo Cameleon (cot and seat combination) has a premium design, and price tag, I guess you could say it’s the Ferrari of the pushchair world. It’s designed to be multi purpose, but is realistically not that suited to prolonged off-road walks.  Despite the claims that Bugaboo make about sand and snow, we think this really is better suited to the city with the occasional holiday near parkland. After all, you don’t really want to be tipping the pram to 45 degrees and pulling it along for extended periods.

When we moved onto a farm. We were forced to get an all-terrain 3 wheeled pushchair to manage the field walks, as the Bugaboo really wasn’t cutting it.

Bugaboo-with-maxicosiDon’t get me wrong, the Bugaboo Cameleon was our first ever purchase and we are still super happy with it. We love the carrycot and the ability to attach the car seat. The biggest bonus being the ability to select if you want to face your child or give them an outward looking aspect.

What does it come with ?

The Bugaboo Cameleon is flexible enough to enable colour customisation and accessories. You get a choice of base base fabrics, regular special edition styles. Bugaboo provide a 2 year warranty, under seat bag and rain cover.

The fabric on the seat is easy to clean but we didn’t like the bugaboo foot muff much. It faded after a few washes and didn’t seem too cosy. We ended up getting a Felhoff sheepskin liner which is great.  The seats are padded really well and adjustable, and it’s so comfortable, the kids often fall asleep in it.




The Bugaboo Cameleon is easy to handle but takes quite a lot of getting used to when folding and unfolding. Once you master this, it is no longer a problem, but we didn’t enjoy having to dismantle it into two pieces to transport it anywhere. Thats why we say this is the one to buy if you are a city dweller that doesn’t need to get into cars a lot. If you do, make sure you get the car seat adaptors to attach your car seat.

Switching between these two options is super easy and we have enjoyed this luxury throughout the stages. Moving onto the seat was also pretty straightforward. This is still our favourite choice when we are in the city with just one of the kids.


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