What Your Baby Really Wants in a Pram?


We’ve got pushchairs, buggies, prams, strollers and walkers to name a few but what does your baby really want in a pram?

That’s the important part to know because at the end of the day if your baby is unhappy it’s going to make for a long ride home!

So what should you be looking out for? Well first things first you’ve got to make sure it’s comfortable for your baby. Things that contribute to this are the seating positions, so make sure the seats can be easily adjusted from lie-flat to upright. Another thing that will make your buggy comfortable is padding around the seats and how thick they are. Some prams could easily label that the seat is padded but that doesn’t always mean that it’s any good, so make sure that it is by doing some research into the product.

Your baby may also want a pram that faces you, because they might want to see their parents’ when on the go. You can get forward facing prams and prams that are easily adjustable so you can easily switch the direction your baby. Some other prams don’t have the ability to adjust in this way, but alternatively some have flaps where you can peek through to see your child and likewise they can look up to see you.

Overall a pram that is comfortable for your baby and also keeps them at a comfortable temperature is very important. We haven’t even mentioned practicality to your needs yet!

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What Your Baby Really Wants in a Pram?
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