Mountain Buggy Swift Review


The Mountain Buggy Swift is for you if you need a rugged yet compact do-it-all stroller.

Mountain Buggy have gone back to their roots of using a canvas like material.  This new 3-wheeler from Mountain Buggy is suitable from birth, available in great new colours and is folded using just one hand.

Mountain Buggy Swift Pushchair

Mountain Buggy Swift 2015

Mountain Buggy Swift

Differences between the legacy and model:

1) New one hand fast fold


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 how to fold

Mountain Buggy Swift how to fold

2) Shorter footprint and overall smaller fold


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 folded

Mountain Buggy Swift folded

3) New style 5-point harness


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 harness

Mountain Buggy Swift harness

4) Improved front wheel lock


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 lockable front wheel

Mountain Buggy Swift lockable front wheel

5) Includes a reversible seat liner


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 includes reversible liner

Mountain Buggy Swift includes reversible liner

6) Magnetic peek-a-boo window


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Sun Canopy

Mountain Buggy Swift Sun Canopy


Suitable from birth, the Mountain Buggy Swift has a new longer seat back so will accommodate a child up to the age of ~4 years (or 20kg). To recline the seat, there is a strap recline mechanism which allows from any height between lie-flat and upright.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 In lie-flat mode

Mountain Buggy Swift In lie-flat mode

A brand new 5-point safety harness requires one push to release and gives 5 separate parts to place back in the buckle. Reloading all 5 clips at one time is a feature that we like as it doesn’t involve trying to put your child’s arm through the harness or gathering several pieces together to then perfectly fit in 1 hole.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Safety Harness

Mountain Buggy Swift Safety Harness


The three 10” air filled tyres make for a smooth ride for both the passenger and pusher over all terrain, the ‘kerb-pop’ feature means that the Mountain Buggy Swift has been engineered with perfect weight distribution allowing you to ‘pop’ the front wheel up kerbs. It’s this sort of engineering that gave Mountain Buggy its excellent reputation.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Lockable front wheel

Lockable front wheel

The front wheel is lockable with a click of a switch, we love this because on rougher ground it makes the buggy glide more easily. The handlebar is height adjustable, giving the perfect height for any sized parent. It’s comfortable to grip and gives the feeling of being long lasting – like all of this buggy. Plus, there is a tether strap for keeping the buggy close to hand. The rear wheels easily come off, so it’s great for parents with small storage space and if the wheels need a clean.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Rear wheels

Rear wheels


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Handle and Hand Tether Strap

Handle and Hand Tether Strap

A new hand-brake involves the clicking of a lever at the side of the stroller. There are green and red indicators which will let you know whether it is on or off in a second, for anyone using the buggy for the first time this is a system very easy to pick up. The previous Mountain Buggy Swift has a foot brake. Even though the Swift is already super light, we loved the addition of an Aerotech Wheel Bundle. They are a great alternative to air filled wheels because they are puncture proof whilst still offering the same cushioning ride. Plus they take the weight of the Swift down even further!


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 - Brake off, GO mode

Brake off, GO mode


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 - Brake on, STOP mode

Brake on, STOP mode


This is the most raved about new feature of the Mountain Buggy Swift model. It is now a one-hand fold and is ever so easily done.  To fold, simply swivel the front wheel outwards (this will make the fold more compact), apply the brakes and under the seat unit (above the footplate) there is a handle which has a grey button on it. Push this in using your thumb and twist the handle, the buggy will fold and self-lock. There is no auto-lock needed as this handle is also the locking system itself. Very cool. To unlock, simply push the button and twist the handle. Hey presto.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Handle to fold

Mountain Buggy Swift Handle to fold


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 folded

Mountain Buggy Swift folded

The new Mountain Buggy Swift also has a standing fold allowing parents to store it anywhere. We love just how compact this fold is, it is 7.5inches shorter than the previous model when standing. If you wanted to make it even more compact, removing the wheels folds the stroller even smaller.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Standing fold

Mountain Buggy Swift Standing fold

Sun Canopy

The sun canopy is a new canvas material (much like the seat) and in a matching colour to the seat unit. It attaches to the back fabric of the seat leaving no gaps and proving a blacked out environment – perfect for little ones snoozing. There is a pop-out sun visor to add that little bit more protection and a ‘peek-a-boo’ window on the top with a magnetic closure. Taking a peek on your little one is now silent which is great for when they are fast asleep.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 sun canopy

Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 sun canopy


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 sun canopy

Sun canopy with extendable visor


There is an under seat storage basket that is large enough to store any baby essentials. With the Swift you will also receive a insulated bottle holder, we love this extra included accessory as it allows you to keep a drink to hand or you could even pop your phone and keys in there.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 storage

Mountain Buggy Swift storage


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 storage - cup holder

Cup holder included with the Mountain Buggy Swift

Travel System

The new Swift is able to take both a car seat and carrycot, making it even more suitable from birth and more convenient. To attach a car seat you will need either a Clip 25 or Clip 12 , depending which car seat you have. The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix and Maxi Cosi Pebble easily clip onto these adaptors. he seat unit is meant to be removed before installing however we found that a car seat fits without this having to happen. When going from car to street, it’s very handy to have the option of clicking your car seat out of a base and into some adaptors.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 With Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Mountain Buggy Swift With Maxi-Cosi Pebble


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 WIith Car Seat Adaptors

Car Seat Adaptors


As the new Mountain Buggy Swift is a completely different buggy to the legacy model, it happens to have a few new accessories. There is now a new carrycot plus which can be both a carrycot and parent facing seat. There are also new storm and sun covers. The Swift & Mini Carrycot Plus has three different modes: lie-flat carrycot, incline and parent facing seat.


Mountain Buggy Swift and Mini Carrycot Plus

Mountain Buggy Swift and Mini Carrycot Plus


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 with Carrycot Plus in carrycot mode

Carrycot Plus in carrycot mode


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 with Carrycot Plus in carrycot mode

Reversible liner

Newborn’s only tend to use a carrycot for the first 6 months (up to 9kg) however with the use of the parent facing seat mode they can stay in it up until 15kg. We love this new accessory, it’s one that we believe will revolutionise the carrycot market. The apron on the carrycot is also reversible, so you can have either a colour or plain black on show.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 with Carrycot Plus in parent facing mode

Mountain Buggy Swift with Carrycot Plus in parent facing mode

New weather covers for the Swift will keep your little one sheltered when in the seat. The Storm Cover has an un-zippable panel at the front giving easy access to your child. The Sun Cover also has this feature attaches easily via the zips in the sun canopy.


Mountain Buggy Reversible Seat Liner

Reversible Seat Liner

New accessories include a Reversible Seat Liner. It is included with the stroller but it means you can grab a spare or replace for a 2nd child as you would a car seat cover. A Food Tray attaches to the included belly bar (super cool), a Blanket, another way to make your stroller snug for your little one, and Parenting Bags. These are great for extra storage space when on the go.


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 with Raincover

Mountain Buggy Swift with Raincover


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 with Raincover

The Mountain Buggy Swift with Raincover

Accessories that have stayed the same include Car Seat Adaptors, the Mountain Buggy Sleeping Bag, the Freerider and Connector, Cup Holder and Shade Stick. Almost all universal accessories will fit the new Swift besides the buggy specific ones (this only includes covers and carrycots).


Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 with Sleeping Bag

Mountain Buggy Swift with Sleeping Bag

Where to buy   £339

Mountain Buggy Swift Pushchair





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