Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Review


If safety is your priority then you can’t go wrong with the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl, the safest toddler car seat in the Maxi-Cosi range. Offering extended rearward travel up to approximately 4 years, the 2wayPearl puts safety first and is compliant with the new i-Size regulations. Here’s our Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Review;

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Car Seat - Black Raven

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Car Seat



With soft thick padding all the way around the seat, as well as on the harness straps and clip, the 2wayPearl provides a cosy ride and makes journeys very comfortable for your little one. The five point spring loaded safety harness with padded straps stays open so that belts and buckles no longer get in the way and getting your child in and out is hassle free.


Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl Stay Open Harness

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl “Stay-Open” Harness

With the harness fastened, the one-pull adjustment strap will tighten up and means that travel is safe, secure and comfortable. As well as a comfy harness, there are four recline options in both rearward and forward facing positions and the headrest is easily adjustable.


Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl One Pull Adjustment Strap

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl One Pull Adjustment Strap


The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl is a rearward facing ‘Group 1’ toddler car seat designed for children between 67-105cm, (as new i-Size regulations are based on height rather than weight) which is between 6 months and 4 years approximately. The 2wayPearl does have the flexibility to be used forward facing (from 15 months) but the extended rearward travel up to 4 years is recommended to better protect a child’s head and neck in the event of an accident.



Intended for rearward travel, the 2wayPearl offers improved protection for the head and neck due to its positioning and also has a ‘Side Protection System’ for the best possible safety in side impacts. The fact that the 2wayPearl complies with i-Size legislation means that we can go out and about, happy in the knowledge that the seat is providing the latest safety technology available.


Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl Adjustable Headrest with Side Protection System

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Adjustable Headrest with Side Protection System


The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl is designed to be used in combination with the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base, usually sold separately or can be bought in a duo pack from some retailers. We found installation of the 2wayPearl in conjunction with the base ultra smooth as the base has the benefit of sound and light indicators – ensuring that everything is in the right place, every time.


Maxi Cosi 2wayFix Base

Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base

To begin installing the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base you simply extend the isofix arms on both sides and connect onto the fixed isofix anchorage points in your car. Afterwards, firmly pushed into place the first green light appears on the base (so far so good).


Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl Isofix Connectors

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Isofix Connectors


Maxi Cosi 2wayFix Base Light Indicators

Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base Light Indicators

The next component to install is the adjustable support leg which extends into the footwell of the car for extra safety and stability. Once this is extended to touch the floor, you lift up the top of the adjustable support leg one more click to ensure everything is taut, at which point your second green light will appear.

After this, you simply click your seat into place and you should have three green lights (1. Isofix fitting, 2. Adjustable leg, 3. Car seat) and now you’re good to go. We love that as well as the lights illuminating you will hear a satisfying beep at each stage to reassure you that everything is correct. This feature is helpful and comforting because it really lets you know when it’s safe to go.


Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Fully Installed Rearward Facing

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Fully Installed Rearward Facing

Maxi Cosi 2wayFix Light Indicators

Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Light Indicators


The important thing to remember with the 2wayPearl is that you will need to buy a Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base. You may, however, already own the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base because this works with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus Car Seat (for newborns) and if so then the 2wayPearl is the natural (and intended) successor.

There are also lots of other accessories in the Maxi-Cosi range that can be used with this seat. A Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Replacement Seat Cover comes in useful when you need to put the cover through the wash and a Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Sun Canopy is handy during the summer months. Our must-have accessory is the Maxi-Cosi Pocket; a versatile holder clipped onto the side of the seat. This accessory always seemed to end up home for our little one’s favourite cuddly friend!


Where to buy £225

Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Car Seat - Black Raven






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Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl Review
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