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Being the slimmest double buggy on the market, the Mountain Buggy Duet is undoubtedly the best side-by-side for the urban user.

The Mountain Buggy Duet is claimed to be “the world’s best side-by-side” pram. It certainly is the narrowest due to it’s superior engineering (at just 72cms) but is it the best? We think so! It’s very, very good and the best for side-by-side for nipping around urban areas. It also doesn’t look out of place on the odd rough terrain walk across the park or country lane.


Out of the box


Mountain Buggy Duet – Testing a bit of speed!

As you’d expect from Mountain Buggy the box comes with everything you’d need, and more. Pretty much no need for the manual for assembly, maybe just to check you know all the features on offer. We loved the look of this buggy from the outset. You appreciate the curved chassis that enables it to be so slim. You know that this buggy will not let you down and everything is accounted for.


The seat units in the Duet accommodate for newborn to about 4 years, so is ideal for one or two little children. Both seats have an independent 2-handed strap recline so you can accommodate for either child. Whether it be sleeping or peeking over the belly bar. The near flat recline lets newborns sit in the seat comfortably, and as they grow either seat can recline from up-right to lying flat. The Duet comes with bumper bar that can easily be removed. There is a 5-point harness on both seat units, that is more than child proof! However for an adult, it is quite simple. Both Storm and Sun Covers are available in a double version  for when the buggy is holding two children, however when you’ve just got the one a Single Storm Cover is also perfect for those wet and rainy days.


The Mountain Buggy Duet is very easy to push no matter what sort of terrain. We like the fact that they haven’t made this a 3-wheeler making the overall feel of the buggy a more sturdy one. Just those few inches in front width give it better stability than we’ve found in the 3 wheelers when you’re having to dart up kerbs or onto verges. The 10inch air-filled pneumatic tyres let the buggy glide across all terrain, and it’s even suitable for using whilst jogging due to this. The air in the tyres making jogging easier, or even running for the bus! The front swivel wheels are lockable and therefore allow make long distance walking a lot easier. The one-touch braking system is ‘flip flop friendly’ because it is just the simple push up or down movement with the foot. As the tyres are air-filled it means that from time to time they may start to deflate, much like a bike or car tyre from lots of use. However a Tyre Pump is readily available for any emergencies.


Mountain Buggy duet all terrain

Mountain Buggy Duet

The Mountain Buggy Duet fold is our favourite feature by far. Locate 2 catches on the frame, slide them up and down goes the buggy into a compact fold. This ‘box’ shape can then be easily lifted into the boot of a car or stood upright in the corner of your cloakroom. To unfold, this is a “watch this” wonder. You can, with a couple of goes practice literally pick up from the handle end with a slight ‘flick’ erect the buggy in less than 2 seconds as it snaps into its ‘locks’. If you feel that the Mountain Buggy Duet needs to be held together in order to stop any detached bars getting lost in travel, a Universal Travel Bag fitting the Mountain Buggy Duet will keep any loose bits and bobs together in one place.

Travel System

This buggy can be a single for your first child (with a great Joey Bag for your shopping!). When your second child comes along it can then offer to carry either 2 car seats or 2 Carrycots. Luckily, Mountain Buggy have left no stone unturned. You can then get the raincovers and suncovers for any combination you wish. You can even make your carrycot a little spicy with “chilli” coloured hoods instead of the regulation black. Car Seat Adaptors for the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix or Pebble Infant Car Sea are available separately, allowing you to turn this double into an even better travel system.

Sun Canopy

Each seat unit has a large style style canopy that can each be adjusted individually. The two hoods act independently so if one child wants shade and the other doesn’t, you can fulfil both needs.They both have a pop out sun visor, giving that little bit more sun protection and peek-a-boo style hoods for checking on either child. We love the fact that both children in the buggy were able to move their individual sun canopy’s, so there was no squabbling!


The larger under seat basket is more than big enough to fit all the essentials in for carrying two children.


The adjustable handlebar spans across the back of both seat units. It allows for both tall and diddy parents, ranging from 29 – 42 inches. We loved the fact that this could let either parent take control at their own comfort.


For those chilly winter walks, a Mountain Buggy Sleeping Bag is a perfect add-on to keep any little toes from getting too cold. And for when those adventurous toddlers get a little too old to go in a buggy a Mountain Buggy Free Rider can easily be attached to any Mountain Buggy Stroller to become buggy board or if they want to explore on their own the Free Rider can be used as a normal scooter.

Best Price


Mountain Buggy Duet v2: RRP £579

John Lewis [not available] for £579




Prices found as of May 2015.


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Mountain Buggy Duet Review
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